Caring for the things you buy is an essential part of ownership of any quality item. To increase the longevity of our products, we recommend the following steps to ensure that your purchases last the test of time and use. 


The leathers we use are vegetable tanned and chrome tanned leathers. For vegetable tanned leathers, a general rule of thumb is to allow a few months to pass from the time of purchase until you oil your product. We recommend our leather conditioner or a high-quality oil such as Obenhauf's or Neatsfoot oil. If your product is a chrome tanned leather, these tend to already have a waxy or oily appearance due to oils being introduced during the tanning process. These leathers do not need a regular oiling like a vegetable tanned leather would, so just use good judgement and oil sparingly if it appears the leather is drying out or cracking at all. 


Our canvas products are either waxed or unwaxed. If your product is waxed, caring for your product is pretty simple. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe away any excess dirt. Do not scrub the product or you may introduce the grime into the wax of the product. For an unwaxed product, you are more free to introduce a damp cloth to gently clean or wipe away any excess dirt or grime. Be sparingly about this, and do not scrub forcefully.


Our denim products are of the selvedge or raw nature, so any exposure to water or dirt will introduce an aging effect. Because these products are selvedge, we like the fading and wear that the product takes on over time. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess surface dirt or grime, but do not scrub the cloth.